Why Strictly Professional Networking Doesn’t Work

Why Strictly Professional Networking Doesn’t Work

BizDate is a mobile-forward professional networking app that connects students and alumni based on their professional and social interests. Our product simplifies the networking process, making it easier for students and millennial alumni to network with one another. Here’s why strictly professional networking doesn’t work.

Moving Beyond Professional

When it comes to networking, many experts in the field will tell you the same thing. Connect with others based on the social commonalities you share before diving into the professional. Why do they suggest this process? For starters, the definition of networking is typically to build a relationship with someone that can in turn help your professional career down the line. But one of the worst ways to start building any relationship is by asking for a favor. Instead, experts suggest bonding over commonalities you share, harvesting a relationship based on those shared interests and when the timing is right, ask for a warm introduction.

Why Social Networking Works

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Have you ever started a relationship by focusing solely on your professional goals? No. So why should your networking relationships be any different. People will advocate for you on a larger scale when you have an organic friendship from the start.

Where to Network

It’s time to stop using platforms like LinkedIn like focus on professional conformity as the basis for a relationship. Instead, you should be looking within your community. As a college student, you should be looking to other students, alumni or even your professors. You already share a baseline interest coming from the same school! If you’re already a working professional, don’t only network with people on your direct team. Sometimes the biggest gatekeepers have a completely different profession than you. It’s all about who you know.

The Right Tools

The best tools that can help you find those gatekeepers are the ones that don’t only focus on your professional interests. BizDate is an excellent tool for harnessing the professional networking relationships you need in a more organic way. Sold on our app? Download it today!

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