What Networking Means to Us

What Networking Means to Us

BizDate is a mobile-forward professional networking app that connects students and alumni based on their professional and social interests. Our product simplifies the networking process, making it easier for students and millennial alumni to network with one another. Here’s what networking means to us.

Networking with Ease

Setting up a LinkedIn takes FOREVER, and us millennials barely have enough time to get dressed in the morning. BizDate allows you to create a profile in 5 minutes or less. Who says networking has to be hard?

Move Beyond the Professional

Experts in the networking field will all say the same thing, when it comes to networking you shouldn’t only focus on the professional commonalities you share with others. That’s why BizDate highlights our users’ professional AND social interest. When filling out your profile, or BizCard, you get to pick the three professional and three social interests you want to highlight. The best part is, you can update those interests as often as they fluctuate. One day you might want to meet other neuroscience majors, another day you may want to network with ballerinas. With BizDate, you can do it all!

A One-Stop-Shop

Long gone are the days where you have to log into your computer to send your resume. Long gone are the days you must remember to carry around a stack of paper business cards. Long gone are the days where you stand in front of the mirror memorizing your elevator pitch. Thanks to BizDate’s Showcase feature, you can store and share a mobile business card, a resume, a portfolio and an elevator pitch! All of which you can share with others, even if they don’t have the app.


Have we sold you on our amazing product? Say no more. Download the app today!

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