School’s Out for Summer

School’s Out for Summer

Congrats, class of 2018 – you did it! You’ve made it through four grueling years of exams, lectures, papers and beer bongs, and now it’s officially time to #adult!

You might think that the first thing you need to do post-graduation is find a job. And while that may be on the top of your list, you’ll never actually get there without the proper network. Why disregard your alma mater when it comes to finding the people that can help you land that dream career? That’s where we come in.

BizDate is a networking app for students and alumni that connects individuals based on their professional and social interests. Our awesome app will connect you with other alumni (and students) from your school that not only share your career goals, but also share your social hobbies. Experts in the networking field will tell you that in order to network like an all star, you have to regard both with equal importance.

Check out this awesome demo about alumni networking, and then download our app to start building your network!

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