How to conquer your networking fears

The truth is, networking can be scary! It doesn't feel natural to walk up to someone that  you think can advance your professional goals and spark up a conversation. Luckily, these three tips from Real Business will help you conquer those fears once and for all.


1.  Get Used to it

It is intriguing how easily your own name can get stuck in your throat when you introduce yourself in nerve-wracking situations, or how often we don’t quite say our names audibly enough. When others introduce us, they experience no such problems. Getting used to introducing yourself clearly and confidently is an important step.


2. all facts, no fluff


The first thing you tell others should be easy to process. At this point in a conversation, nobody is interested in hearing you embellish your job title or working style. In my case, were I to introduce myself as a “voice unlocker”, it would waste people’s time and patience. By telling people I am a presentation and public speaking coach, we are immediately on the same wavelength. Our brains prefer simple terms.


3. detail your niche


 While introducing yourself in simple, accurate terms, address your niche too. For example: “I work with technical experts who often regard themselves as reflective or introverted.” A clear and engaging niche should focus on a group of people, location or specific field of work. By narrowing down what you do and who you are, others don’t have to spend long considering where you fit in and what use, if any, you could be to them.



4. state your belief

Round off your introduction with a statement about what you do. Mine would be: “Everyone’s best version of themselves is always good enough.” Your conclusion doesn’t have to be philosophical or revolutionary – its power is in the fact that decision-makers would rather make decisions with other decision-makers. Concluding your introduction with such a statement lets the person know you are this kind of worker.


The introduction you construct from these points shouldn’t span more than a few sentences which, ideally, you should comfortably recite in one good breath. It should also encourage follow-up questions, just like any good advert. It helped my friend and his wife banish their networking fears, and I have seen this approach alleviate much of the stress and worry that goes into business networking.


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