11 Joyful Moments college students will appreciate

Joy can be found everywhere in life, but there's nothing quite like those college years. Only people who have been to college will appreciate these 11 joyful moments from BuzzFeed.


1. When you find the perfect study spot.


2. When you discover your adopted home's signature cuisines.


3. When studying abroad literally opens the world up in front of you.



4. When you grasp the full potential of making your own class schedule.


5. When you find a professor who changes how you see the world.


6. When you connect something you learned in class to what's happening in the real world.


7. When you land the internship that opens a doorway to your career.


8. When you stay up all night talking and laughing with new friends.


9. When you realize the friends you make in college will be your friends for life. 


10. When you master a skill that you used to rely on your parents for.



11. When you know deep down you're right where you're supposed to be.


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