Dorm Room Cooking Hacks


Say goodbye to your microwave dinner diet. Living in a dorm room doesn’t have to stifle your foodie desires thanks to these insanely-awesome hacks for cooking in your college suite.


Use Your Coffee Maker to Boil an Egg


Don’t have a stovetop or time to boil water? Use your coffee pot to whip-up some breakfast or a super-low-budget dinner.


Cook a Grilled Cheese with Your Irons


Wrap your sammie up in some tinfoil, and use a hot iron to melt the cheese.


Mug Cakes


In a bug, combine one beaten egg, two tablespoons of almond flour, 2 tablespoons of agave, and a handful of fruit. Cover the mug with a wet paper towel. And microwave on high for two minutes. Enjoy a hot, delicious cake!


Kick-Up Your Ramen


Add soy sauce, sesame oil and a cup of mixed veggies to your ramen for a healthier, tastier version of world’s most affordable dinner.


Use Your Waffle Iron


Who says your waffle iron is only for bready, breakfast fair. Throw some frozen hash browns, biscuit dough, or mac and cheese in your iron for a seriously stepped-up meal.


Yes, You Can Cook Pasta in Your Microwave


Don’t risk getting caught with a contraband hot plate. Cover one cup of pasta and water in a microwave-safe bowl. Add 3-4 minutes to suggested stovetop cooking time and microwave on high. Add your favorite jarred sauce and call yourself, Nona.