Lies that college students tell on instagram

We all know the truth: The life we live on our Instagram is actually the life of our more-fabulous alter ego. Why post a photo of your ramen diet when you can post a photo of the one time this month you could afford avocado toast? Here are the 12 funniest lies every college student has told for the sake of the Gram. 


 1. College Orientation on Instagram



College Orientation in Reality



2. Dorm Life on Instagram



Dorm life in Reality


3. Professors on Instagram



Professors In reality



4. Taking notes on instagram 



taking notes in reality


5. Campus life on instagram



campus life in reality


6. school spirit on instagram



school spirit in reality


7. dining halls on instagram


dining halls in reality 


8. feeding yourself on instagram



feeding yourself in reality



9. attending class on instagram



attending class in reality



10. using your text books on instagram



using your text books in reality



11. greek life on instagram



greek life in reality



12. graduation on instagram



graduation in reality