Best College Town Eats


One of the best parts about going to college is exploring. And what could be more fun than exploring the local eateries. Lucky for you students, iconic college towns are chalk full of life-changing places to eat. We've rounded-up a list of our favorites. 


Columbia University: Koronet Pizza 



In a city known for pizza, Koronet might not compare to Grimaldis or Pauli G's, but it's certainly a bang for your college buck. For $6, students can scarf down a humongous slice that surely won't disappoint without breaking the bank. And when we say humongous, we mean the size of your forearm.  This pizza place is certainly a campus staple.


Brown University: Louis Family Restaurant




Founded in 1963, this college staple has nursed many-a-students hangovers with their indulgent pancake breakfasts and much more. This family-run joint actually appeared on Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, and for good reason. Just check out that fluffy, buttery, beautiful pancake stack!


 Cornell: Collegtewon Bagels 



In a town like Ithaca, which is full of incredible breweries and eateries, Collegetown Bagels stands above the rest for student-fair. The best part? Not only can you get breakfast here, but you can also indulge in those late-night drunkie cravings.


 Georgetown University: Farmers Fishers Bakers




Being that this pick is a bit more up-scale in terms of pricing than the rest of our highlights on this list, Farmers Fishers Bakers makes for the perfect spot to bring your parents when they're in town. Did we mention that they also have a brunch buffet?


 Harvard University: Border Cafe




It may seem like Harvard students work hard, but believe us, they also play hard. And with GIANT margartias and excellent Mexican food, Border Cafe is just the place to do that.


New York University: Grey Dog Cafe




As a born and raised New Yorker myself, I must say that NYU students have certainly made the right choice by making this spot their favorite local eating haunch. If you can stomach the lengthy lines during brunch hours, (let's face it - what New Yorker can't take a long line?) then this is the perfectly quaint place to indulge in some breaky faves. 


Princeton University: Infini-T Cafe & Spice Souk




This cafe perfectly marries students and locals as it breeds the perfect atmosphere for dining and rushing to finish that deadline you procrastinated. With their initiative to promote sustainability, women's issues, and human rights, you won't only enjoy the food, but you'll feel good about eating it as well. 


UCLA: Diddy Riese 


Time for something a little sweet. UCLA students brave the lengthy line at Diddy Riese because their ice cream sandwiches are just that good. The best part? You can customize your sandwich with their plethora of ice cream and cookie favors, and it won't break the bank.


University of Michigan: Frita Batidos



Let's face it, when it comes to food options students at UMichigan have it made. The vibrant culinary scene in Ann Arbor offers every genre your little heart could desire. But there's truly no comparison to Frita Batidos. Whether you choose their chorizo patty burger, topped with fries and a multitude of toppings, or their Cubano burger, you can't go wrong.


UPenn: Lyn's Food Truck



Who says that every great college town eats has to come from a brick and mortar location. This food truck might just boast the best college eats around. While the food here isn't particularly fancy, how can you beat world's best bacon egg and cheese, especially when it's served with a smile.