Networking Headaches

Networking is crucial to advancing your professional success. When you connect with someone, it’s the beginning of what can be a productive and mutually beneficial working relationship. Professionally, we understand how key networking is. We have conferences and mixers to try to put all the most talented, brightest, and entrepreneurial people in the same space so that networking can happen fluidly.


But what if you’re looking for the perfect user-experience designer and you walk right past them? What if you get trapped in a conversation with the owner of a startup that has nothing to do with your passions, and you can’t make a quick escape? What if the best match for your business is somewhere in the room… but you have no idea how to find them?


You don’t always know just from looking what skills and experience someone has—it’s not as though people walk around with their resumes floating above their heads! BizDate is here to change that. By allowing users to search according to their immediate wants and needs, BizDate is far more effective than the standard in-person method of networking. And by providing a resource for networking that takes place online instead of in person, BizDate is responding directly to the needs of today’s freelance, entreprenurial, on-the-go workforce.